“…art is the way the universe most directly intensifies life, enervates organs, mobilizes forces. It is the passage from the house to the universe … from the body of the living being to the universe itself…. What art and philosophy share in common [is] their rootedness in chaos, their capacity to ride the waves of a vibratory universe without direction or purpose, in short, their capacity to enlarge the universe by enabling its potential to be otherwise…”
 Elisabeth Grosz, Chaos, Territory, Art. Deleuze and the Framing of the Earth, 2008.[/su_heading]

“…human genomes can be found in only about 10% of all the cells that occupy the mundane space I call my body; the other 90% of the cells are filled with the genomes of bacteria, fungi, protists, and such, some of which play in a symphony necessary to my being alive at all, and some of which are hitching a ride and doing the rest of me, of us, no harm. I am vastly outnumbered by my tiny companions; better put, I become an adult being in company with these tiny messmates. To be one is always to become with many…. Species interdependence is the name of the worlding game on earth, and that game must be one of response and respect. That is the play of companion species learning to pay attention. Not much is excluded from the needed play, not technologies, commerce, organisms, landscapes, peoples, practices. I am not a posthumanist; I am who I become with companion species, who and which make a mess out of categories in the making of kin and kind. Queer messmates in mortal play, indeed”.
Donna Haraway, When Species Meet, 2008.

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