Artist: Antonia Bonetti Works: Jealousy (2013); Gender Equality (on my skin) (2013); Bang Your Love! (2013); Guess What?! (2011)   Bio: Born in Naples in 1987, Antonia lives and works as an artist in Naples (IT) since 2009. She graduated in Graphic Design at the High Institute of Design (ISD) in Naples. Her passion for visual arts has driven her to experiment with diverse languages, among which photography, video-art, and particularly collage, both with paper and digital. Concept: Antonia Bonetti’s artworks take inspiration from the great artists of the past as well as from advertisement and contemporary visual culture. Her artworking starts from a cognitive tension, and a will to search and know which acts and impacts on the visible transforming it into something new, seemingly unknown, or never seen before. Her works can be considered a mediation with time and its effects, its mutability, hence its newness. In this sense, Antonia’s art holds an openess to ever new conceptual alternatives, new visual joints and with them new possibilities of narration based on a mixture between fiction and reality. The works presented here are based on a surreal context. The protagonists seem to belong to distant or fictional worlds, yet they are actually part of the contemporary daily life. They are presented as strange figures that seem to coming from glossy magazines, and their identity, while clearly displaying a gender ambiguity, is nonetheless hidden, repressed or censored. This visual device, explored through the collage technique, is a critical way to give voice to the still marginalised and unrecognised universe of the LGBT, thus contributing to their battle for civil rights and equality.   JEALOUSY (digital collage, print on canvas, 40 x 60, 2013)    GUESS WHAT?! (digital collage, print on canvas, 50 x 50 cm, 2011)    BANG YOUR LOVE! (digital collage, print on canvas, 40 x 60, 2013)   GENDER EQUALITY (on my skin) (digital collage, print on canvas, 80 x 45, 2013  Sleeping Venus (lightbox, 35 x 50 cm, 2014)  WONDERWOMAN (digital collage, print on canvas, 50 x 50 cm, 2013)   Contacts: Mobile: +393299415580   email: Links: facebook page:


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