The project privileges some meanings attached to the deconstruction of the western practice of archiving: the ‘constative’ function, the ‘performative’ value, and the unforeseeable ‘event’ that new forms the archive can expose to. The Matriarchive of the Mediterranean does not ignore the ‘archive fever’ in its constative function, being ready to record what exists and needs to be protected and preserved. Still, it wants to add to this function, a strong performative trait:its produced knowledge is not static, but, by interfering with the archival consignment, it opens it up to the performativity of female artistic productions always in development, in process, in progress, in performance. At the same time, more importantly, the passion of the Matriarchive goes beyond the constative function and the performative production of the archive, by exposing to the potentiality of the ‘event’ that belongs to any ‘archive of the future’: the infinite opening, the incessant metamorphosis, the individual and collective participation offered to the artists who wish to be hosted, gathered and recorded, by re-launching the conditions of l’à-venir, what takes place without any horizon of anticipation, prevision and expectation, the future, the taking place of the ‘event’.

The Matriarchive of the Mediterranean gathers the maternal fluidity of its marine womb. In unstable waters, against the background of natural scenarios, its arkē is constituted by the vastness of caves, skies and lands that make up its aquatic universe. It records the winds and air breaths of its basins; it hydrides and confounds languages: it keeps faith in imagination and invention. Its hospitality celebrates women’s love, in the readiness to host their arts. Finally, and incessantly, it believes in the power of the event.

© Mediterranean Matri Archive