Artist: Dacia Manto Work: Asterina (2009)

Bio: For some years, through videos, installations, drawings and performances, visual artist Dacia Manto has been conducting a personal research and mapping of space and landscape, specifically concerned with marsh and fluvial territories, residues of plain forests, semi-wild and marginal peripheries. Structural and poetic observatories of nature, weaving together the study of botany, biology and natural sciences, her works create open, precarious, fragile images and architectures, witnessing the elusiveness of the environment, the difficulty of returning the reality of vision. Her works have been on show in many museums and exhibition spaces such as PAV (Turin), MAR (Ravenna), MAART (Rovereto), Civic Gallery (Trento), Pecci (Prato), La Strozzina (Firenze), Muséé d’Art Moderne (Saint-Etienne). She won many awards, the most recent one, the Acea Eco Art Prize, in 2012 with the video Planiziaria.




(2009) 15’

Nature does not know extinction, all it knows is transformation. Incessant becoming, metamorphosis, the generative power (zoé) of the earth is that which moves the images held together by the artist’s creative gesture. By cutting and assembling drawings and real shots of marginal landscapes, through the resonance of images with sounds, nature emerges in all its multiplicity, confused with artifice, beyond the dichotomies of nature/culture, expansion/contraction, light/shadow, growth/death. You rediscover it as full of uncertain, effimeral, fragile, unpredictable spaces. Contacts: daciamanto@gmail.com Links: https://www.facebook.com/dacia.manto


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