Mar Mediterraneo

"Vi è il Mediterraneo, il mare stesso, non tanto come frontiera o barriera fra il nord e il sud, o l’est e l’ovest, quanto piuttosto come sede agitata di incontri e di correnti. Esso evoca immediatamente il movimento di genti, di storie e di culture che manifestano il senso perenne di trasformazione storica e traduzione culturale che lo rende luogo di transito senza sosta".
Iain Chambers, Le molte voci del Mediterraneo, 2008.

"Ce poeme en prose presente l'horizon de la mer -liquide, ecumeux et primordial. Ses levres miroitantes s'appuient contre la memoire tumultueuse et mettent au deft le mystere d'un autre monde. […] Something is hiding in this depth which reverberates the mechanisms of my memory. But memory is a surface whose mobility is commanded by the waves. Oh the explosion of white fire from the woman's belly! Dark shades organize themselves in ominous battalions. The soldiers have flowers in their eyes because of the season. Patches drift like continents. We measure them. We lose them to the sea. […] The sea doesn't want to absorb more sand, swallow more animals, clutter its throat with the monsoon. She’s the great descriptor of infinity. Now there's a lot of the wind over the imagination fields. It whistles and moans, dries up the spirit. Like drifting sand small memories drift away, released by the mind. Like a soft bag the brain collapses onto itself. Speech patterns remain, but lose their words".
Etel Adnan, Sea and Fog, 2012.