Artista: Stefania Muresu (Nur)

OperaLuci a mare

Bio: Stefania Muresu was born in Sardinia in year 1979. The camera accompanies her since her youth, when in year 2006 she decides to deepen the technical knowledge and the photographic language by following different courses and workshops in Italy and Spain.  She deepens the knowledge about ethnographic photography through workshops of visual anthropology, and in Seville she joins a photography studio where she learns techniques on developing and printing, experiencing the use of medium format and 35mm analogical cameras. From that moment on she starts shooting only in black and white, choosing the analogue photography as her mean of poetic expression. She directs her attention primarily to documentary, ethnographic and reportage photography, focusing particularly on social, environmental, multicultural and anthropological subjects.

She's journalist from 1997 and her education in sociology influences her approach to the photographic vision. She researches, through image reporting, the documentation of the reality, but at the same time with a poetic view, thanks to the use of the black and white film.Among her photographs there are shoots made in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Andalucia, Marocco and Sardinia, where she is currently reporting about the antique fishing trades called Lights at Sea. She exhibited in Barcelona and Sardinia.

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For over thirty years the ancient routes of fishermen from Ponza lead in Sardinia boats fishing for sardines, which takes place from March to October with the lamps. A photographic reportage that tells a story of men, a crew at night, the troubles, the daily life on board, the close cohabitation, the risks of labor, hierarchies, and the balance of twelve men - Sicilian, Ponza, Tunisian, Sassari - on the fishing boat  "Capobianco". Luci a mare has been produced in 2014 and selected for SIEFF (Sardinian Ethnographic Film Festival), In March 2015, has been presented at the Festival Pecheurs du Monde.

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