Artista: Simona Lisi [/one_half]

Opera: Song of Songs (2013)

Bio: Actress, dancer, author and pedagogue, she studied in Italy, Belgium and England. BH Philosophy and High specialization in Philosophical Anthropology . PG Degree in Contemporary Dance at the London Contemporary Dance School in London. Master of Advanced Studies for contemporary dancers -Ater/Reggio Emilia 1991. Course of Advanced Training for actors / authors Inteatro – Polverigi 1997. Between her masters: Carolyn Carlson, Alwin Nikolais, William Forsythe, Wim Vandekeybus, A.Therese De Keerschmaker, Yoshi Oida, Thierry Salmon, Alain Platel, Pippo Del Bono and Pepe Robledo. Degree in music theory and solfeggio, she plays and composes music for voice and piano. She moves easily between dance, theater and art films. She was chosen to attend workshops with Anne Therese De Keerschmacker , Wim Vandekeybus , Cesare Ronconi. She is actress in film and video productions directed by directors as Marco Bellocchio “Il regista di matrimoni”, Cristina Comencini “La bestia nel cuore”, Paolo Sorrentino “La grande bellezza”. Beside her work as performer, she carries on a personal artistic research that leads her to create shows, to devise pedagogical paths, designing and festivals. Author of performances where she works on the contamination between music, voice, images and movements, where she often composes original music. She published her theoretical contributions of Aesthetics of dance in “In cerca di danza” Various Authors, Costa & Nolan , 2000 and recently in “Light , body space” ed. Artdigiland , 2013, “Creatori di senso” ed. Aracne and the web magazine “Limina Theaters”. She has an intense educational activity collaborating with public and private institutions, universities, local health authorities, associations of social commitment.

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Based on the “Song of Songs” Re Salomone Written and directed by: Simona Lisi and Caterina Pontrandolfo Music by: Simona Lisi and Caterina Pontrandolfo Costumes by: Stefania Cempini Choreography: Simona Lisi Production: Associazione Ventottozerosei in collaboration with Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo and Teatro Stabile delle Marche.

Two women, two microphones – words, gestures, rhythm. A symbolic language that stores the origins of all languages and that searches for a dialogue trough the two rhapsodic voices. It is a winged song that belongs to the humans, it originates from the Hebrew culture and encounters all the others cultures; across the times, it arrives to all – peoples, lovers, and the ones who desire love.

Contacts: Studio Fidemi Ph: 06 39743416




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