Artista: Silvia Calderoni Opera:  The Plot is the Revolution

Bio: Silvia Calderoni (Lugo di Romagna, Italy) is an actress. She won the Ubu Award for Best Actress Under 30 in 2009, the Marte Award in 2013, and the Elisabetta Turroni Award the following year. She made her debut on cinema in 2012 with Davide Manuli’s “The Legend of Kaspar Hauser”. She is currently working with the theatre company Motus, performing in international festivals like Santarcangelo dei Teatri - Festival Internazionale del Teatro di Piazza, the Drodesera Festival, the Grec Festival, and the Under the Radar Festival in New York.

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[gallery link="file" size="full" ids="876,877,878"] The Plot is the Revolution, 2011. Silvia Calderoni and Judith Malina (Living Theatre) and the community to-come of “The Plot” a Motus production. Photo by Marco Caselli

The Plot is The Revolution

Silvia Calderoni and Judith Malina (Living Theatre) Is it still possible to imagine Brave New World as so many utopians have done in the past? Do mental and geographical spaces exist for presupposing and plotting an epoch-making overturning/overthrowing or, let’s say it, a real revolution, in our drowsing west? In a word, is revolution here and now still conceivable? The Plot is the Revolution is the happening that inaugurated a new Motus itinerary 2011<2068 Animale Politico Project in July 2011. The itinerary unwinds around the idea of plot, the resistant interweave/knit, which attempts to create a transversal community of dialogue and performativity among the arts, setting itself to listen to the transformations under way in order to imagine possible new scenarios. “We staged this “encounter between two Antigones” to share an experiment with the spectators, not a show but a fact, a dialogue between generations, experiences, voices and physicalties that are different but powerfully close, united by the sound of the flame that still leads us to believe in theatre as possibility of action, of influence on the present day”. Contacts: Links:


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