Bio: Francesca (Bruno)Marino (alias: SchizZofrenia) comes from the bucolic region of Basilicata (Southern Italy). Concerning her academic background, she completed her Master's Degree in ​Languages and Intercultural Communication in the Euro-Mediterranean Area at the University of Naples L'Orientale. At the moment, she is packing her bags; a new life, a new country is calling her. She was offered a PhD position at the University of South Florida (PhD program in Linguistics and Applied Language Studies) for the academic year 2020-21. As a researcher, her areas of expertise include Critical Discourse Analysis, Multimodal Discourse Analysis and Social Semiotics. Francesca is a novice digital illustrator, but she always loved drawing and writing. When she was a child, she would write and illustrate odd tales about three-tailed dogs, “hen-saurs” and adventurous princesses. (You may find her early works - + a cup of coffee and a slice of a delicious daily cake! - atFamily heirloom Museum, at her Grandmother’s house). Francesca’s academic interests correspond with her daily fights, involvements and artistic interests. In fact, she is interested in gender issues, semiotics and visual contents both as researcher and as artist.   --------- The illustration displayed here represents part of “The Weekly Pill” project, which, firstly, aims to promote women’s voices around the world.  A “pill” containing an inspirational quote is offered to the readers every Monday on SchizZofrenia’s social media pages. SchizZofrenia always explains and comments on the quote in Italian and English and she provides a brief biography about the author.   The present Weekly Pill comes from “The making”, a poem by Shailja Patel (“Migritude”, 2013). In this ode to the Migritude – migrant attitude – Shailja maintains: «You’ll never be/ ready but you can fake it/ because when and where/ are here and now the answers/ to who and what/ are you and this the how/ and why/ will reveal themselves/ in the making. / Because ready/ is never a question just a reminder/ to breathe/ and jump.» “The making” is about a process – the “ing form” suggests it -, a chameleonic adaptation to life, a translation - which etymologically suggests a transportation, a movement - according to the contexts. The “migrant attitude” invites us to be ready to jump, to leave, to pack our bags for the next journeys, whichever they are. . «Third-generation East Asian», «a brown minority citizen of a post-independence black African nation», Shailja Patel is a Kenyan poet, playwright, performance artist and activist. She is most known for her book Migritude, based on her one-woman show of the same name. [caption id="attachment_1304" align="alignnone" width="1080"] "Weekly Pill" - Shailja Patel (Monday 01/20/20)[/caption]


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