Artista: Palu de Andrade Opera Memorie del Sottosuolo (2003)

Bio: Palu de Andrade is a photographer, a painter and an installation artist born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but in 2002 she moved to Italy and now she lives in Rome.

She mostly dedicates her work to socially themed photographic installations. She graduated in 1990 at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica and she taught art in her studio but also in public and private schools in Sao Paulo. In her work she uses various media from photography to installations, from painting to natural elements. She took part in many personal and collective expositions. In 2003 she participated at an exposition in France about “lemon”, while she was in Sicily and she imagined her own lemon as shown in Memorie del sottosuolo, receiving a prize. In 2014 her untitled work opened the exhibition in Naples of “Land Art Campi Flegrei”, a work made of tent of potatoes, suggesting a return to Mother Nature

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