Artista: Nisrine Bouhkari Opera: Above 47° (2012)

Bio: Born in Damascus, Syria and currently based in Wein, Austria, Nisrine Boukhari is a mixed media and installation artist who explores the psycho-geographical intersection between environment and behaviour, experimenting on the interactive and visual senses which can be activated thanks to a singular aesthetic use of colour and light therapy. In Syria she has played a crucial role in the art milieu, conducting, with her sister, AllArtNow: the first independent collective space for contemporary visual artists. Originally situated in Damascus, this open laboratory closed in July 2012 (to host Syrian refugee families), to become a nomadic space travelling in different places in the world.If the organisation’s initial focus was to establish virtual links to the international art world through the Internet, todays it serves as a meeting point, a home for local and international artists who exchange ideas and establish collaborations.

[video_vimeo video_id="43383647"]

Above 47° (2012)

Under the assault on the women's rights who combined politically on a form of religious extremism to this behaviour. In a place where the temperature exceeds 47 degrees of extremism and the hell of the earth where this hell are increasing to spread to other multiple places, you could see this character who divided into three sections of movement images; the middle image in the video shows vague Portrait except from eyes starring to the audience, the second section shows cutting hair to woman from someone - without showing this person -. The third section show the rape of free white space by black pen until the three sections covered by black where you could see only the starring eyes among absolute darkness. The work provokes the subject of forbidden Trinity, equals their 3 parts and presents the problematic of political and religious extremism between the right and the left, which has become in many cases the reason of the pain for the people and societies.

  Workshop: "15 minutes settlement", Participatory research art project for interdisciplinary team; Nisrine Boukhari & Frida Robles, this project is part of "Un-titled" project research, Vienna 2014.   Links:


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