Artista: Nacera Belaza

Opera: Le Crie (2008)

Bio: Born in Algeria, Nacera Belaza moved to France at the age of five, where she studied French literature, before focusing on dance and establishing her own company in 1989. Belaza works with dancers from Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, and Palestine and has performed internationally in Europe, Africa, Asia, Indonesia, and North America. In France, Belaza has performed at Montpellier Danse (2006), Rencontres Seine-Saint-Denis (2008, 2010), Festival of Avignon (2009, 2012) and Biennale de la danse de Lyon (2010). For her work, Belaza has received the 2008 Prix de la Revelation Choregraphique by the French Critics Syndicate and a 2009 Award La Danse in Quebec. Her latest works include Le Cri (2008), Les Sentinelles and Le Temps Scellé (2010), and Le Trait (2012).

Today, Belaza lives and works in Paris and Algiers.

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In duet with her sister Dalila, Belaza concentrates on the starting point of her work, looking inwards and moving out from the intimate to the surface, until the movement disappears. It is a simple idea, and an endless and vital one.

“Un vide inattendu qui comble toutes nos attentes…, voilà ce qui pourrait être finalement mon propos, ce que j’ai poursuivi à travers toutes mes pièces, sculpter ce vide, lui donner un corps, le rendre palpable, le partager et enfin le laisser se dissoudre dans l’espace infini de nos corps….” - Nacera Belaza




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