Artista: Maya Zankoul

Opera:   Amalgam (2009), Amalgam Vol. 2 (2010)

Bio: Maya Zankoul is a young Lebanese blogger e graphic designer. Grown up in Saudi Arabia and moved in Lebanon in 2005, she obtains the Graphic Design Bachelor of Arts in 2007. In 2009 she start to publish satiric comics on her own daily life, denouncing the disadvantages of Lebanese society (the feminine violence, the technological disruptions, the malfunction of public transports..). Her blog Amalgam arises and in few months it reaches an International success, followed by the publication of two books (Amalgam e Amalgam 2), also edited in Italy by “Il Sirente”. Zankoul participates to events all over the world presenting her books and her blog also arriving in Italy at “Pisa book festival” (2011) and “Mediterranean Literature Festival” (2013). Today she continues publishing comics on her blog obtaining a huge success.

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AMALGAM (2009)

A comic-diary which describes the daily life of a young Lebanese struggling with the many Lebanese social problems: male chauvinism, female exploitation, all sorts of disruption, slow connection…The book is the first attempt to share the Lebanese reality with all the world.

AMALGAM 2 (2010)

Maya Zankoul continues the narration of her daily adventures in Lebanon, but with a maturer style respect to the previous book. Also the themes changes: religion, pollution, globalization, migration… everything narrated with the humor and the irony which distinguish her. Contacts:



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