Grafie e Materie

  • Simona Lisi

    Simona Lisi

  • Alessandra Cianelli

    Alessandra Cianelli

  • Nicene Kossentini

    Nicene Kossentini

  • Oni Wong

    Oni Wong

  • Heba El Aziz

    Heba El Aziz

  • Arwa Abouon

    Arwa Abouon

  • Danae Stratou

    Danae Stratou

  • Maya Zanmkoul

    Maya Zanmkoul

  • Larissa Sansour

    Larissa Sansour

  • Dacia Manto

    Dacia Manto

  • Amina Menia

    Amina Menia

  • Nisrine Bouhkari

    Nisrine Bouhkari

  • Silvia Calderoni

    Silvia Calderoni

  • Filomena Rusciano

    Filomena Rusciano

  • Stefania Muresu (Nur)

    Stefania Muresu (Nur)

  • Hadeel Azeez

    Hadeel Azeez

  • Palu de Andrade

    Palu de Andrade

  • Nacera Belaza

    Nacera Belaza

  • Anita Artura Agresta

    Anita Artura Agresta

  • Antonia Bonetti

    Antonia Bonetti

  • Micaela Lattanzio

    Micaela Lattanzio

  • Eliana Esposito

    Eliana Esposito

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"Woman for women. – There always remains in woman that force which produces/is produced by the other – in particular, the other woman. In her, matrix, cradler; herself giver as her mother and child; she is her own sister-daughter. …

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