Artista: Heba el Aziz

Opera:  B-G-IOPOLITICS (2012), with Alaa Shahin

Bio: Dr Heba el Aziz is a contemporary artist based in Cairo, Egypt, working with experimental media, in particular biological media. Her work focuses on the challenge of developing links between the art and science communities across the Arab world. She works with microorganisms as a means of raising issues about identity and culture and her artworks change over time, reflecting human life.


B-G-IOPOLITICS was occasioned by the Arab Spring. This installation (realised with luminescent bacteria, Petri dishes, photographs and transparent posters) transcribes the effects of the revolutionary environment of the Arab Spring as a biological law, whose dynamics are viral.

The “bacteria of revolution” contaminate a map of the Middle East region, spreading all over its surface and bringing about an irreversible transformation.