Artista: Arwa Abouon

Opera: I’m sorry/ I forgive you (Dyptych) ANNO

Bio: Born in 1982 in Tripoli, Lybia, to Amazigh roots from both my mother and father’s side of the family. I received a BFA with distinction, majoring in Design from Concordia University in 2007. Through my lighthearted photograhs to graphic interventions, I question my own place within a so-called Western culture on the one hand and an upbringing in a Muslim household on the other. The themes addressed in my works stem directly from my life experience as a female artist living and working between cultures, and yet the aim is to show how a single person’s ‘double vision’ can produce images that possess much wider social effects by collapsing racial, cultural and religious borders. In other words, the images, which are seemingly autobiographical in nature, move beyond mere autobiography.


In I’m Sorry/ I Forgive You, Islamic inspired adornment is applied to a tender act of reconciliation between loved ones. The aim is to beautify just as much as to transform the powerful act of compassion into the monument it deserves to be; equating the ornamentation applied on a space of worship onto this human force.